Monday, October 29, 2007

Post-vacation grouchiness

We got back from our fun trip to Utah last night and I have spent the whole day feeling sorry for myself and being grouchy and tired. So to cheer myself up, I've decided to play the good news and bad news game--a game introduced by my good friend Leslie.

The good news is: We had a great time visiting family and friends while in Utah.

The bad news is: I've now got 10 piles of laundry to do and no motivation to do it--I'll blame it on my post-vacation depression.

The good news is: I missed the Primary program. (Sorry Leslie!)

The bad news is: I missed the Primary program. (Sorry again.)

The good news is: I lost the 5 pounds that I promised I would before I left on vacation.

The bad news is: I gained 3.5 pounds back by eating all the yummy vacation food. To Cafe Rio, my tummy thanks you. My thighs, however, blame you for making my jeans fit tighter.

The good news is: We got to see all of our immediate family who live in Utah plus all of our grandparents.

The bad news is: I spent half the trip feeling guilty for not spending more time with both sides of our family.

The good news is: I got to see the new IKEA.

The bad news is: See the previous bad news.

The good news is: We had the wildest, craziest princess party with my cousins' little girls.

The bad news is: Who knew that little girls could be so loud? I still have a headache.

The good news is: We got to meet my sister's new boyfriend and my brother's first girlfriend.

The bad news is: I think we embarrassed the heck out of both my brother and sister. Um . . . or maybe I should put that as one of the good things.

The good news is: Allison and Lindsay were SO good on the trip home.

The bad news is: It took over 16 hours to get home. We left at 9 am and didn't get home until 1 am this morning.

The good news is: I think Lindsay finally forgave me for chopping off part of her finger this morning.

The bad news is: I chopped off part of Lindsay's finger this morning while trying to cut her fingernails. I seriously thought she would need stitches. I spent all day feeling horrible.

The good news is: I get to go to bed now.

The bad news is: I don't know if I can find my bed under all the laundry.


Tricia said...

He's not my "boyfriend"... and if he heard you say that he might wet himself :) Maybe he'll become my boyfriend as a christmas present... and let Leslie know I really like the good thing/bad thing game. I think its funny when you play it:)

Pampered Princess said...

So FUNNY! I mostly just play the "bad game"! :)

Leslie said...

You are too funny! The Primary Program went great! And I am supposed to pass along to you that the music this year was the best we've ever had! So, thanks for working with the kids so well! I'm so glad that you had a great vacation! I can totally relate to the "feeling guilty for not spending more time with each side of the family". It is such a balancing act.
Unfortunately, I can also relate to cutting your baby's finger. One of my very first posts was about that very thing. It was awful. I'm sorry that you had to experience that.
Can I help with the laundry or the kids??

Papa D said...

"I don't know if I can find my bed under all the laundry."

(One of the funniest things I have ever read on a blog)

chelle said...

Jamie, I am so excited you are home. I have missed you! I kept checking yoru blog thinking ..when is Jamie getting back. Weird I know but I love seeing oyu at church and reading your blog. We don't talk much in person to often but I feel connected to you.
Ok, I sound like a stalker. I am just weird so leave me be. :P
Glad oyu had a good time visiting family and friends. Dontcha LOVE Ikea!! Can't wait for one to come here.
Welcome home! (and sorry about the laundry) I have found if we go somewhere like to family or somewhere that has a washer and dryer. I do my laundry there before I come home so I am not so overwhelmed when I get home. It is hard enough to make it back home let alone thinking about all the work you have to do as well.

Patty said...

You really know how to make me laugh Jamie! I LOVE the picture of you looking grumpy!! And I'm so glad to hear that you're back home safe and sound (and showing that you have your priorities straight by blogging before sleep or laundry!)

lou said...

WELCOME BACK !!!- (to be read with the intencity of the Princess Party girls). And I love the picture !!!

Oh- I can play this -Hate having you gone. Love- having you and your sweet family home !!!

Dory said...

ooooh, I miss Cafe Rio! I am so jealous. After our summer vacation it took me like a week to recover so give yourself some slack:)

:P, corrie said...

I always feel let down when I come home from vacation too, it's a major let down, especially knowing it's going to be a while before you see your families again. Start planning the next getaway while you're folding clothes. Glad you're back!

Mama D said...

It's always hard to come home from vacation. One almost needs a vacation to recover from the vacation!

Glad you had a good time. It is good to have you back!

Papa D said...


Can you copy the grouchy picture and use it in Primary as an object lesson on the effects of sin? If not, Jamie, may I run it past Pres. G****y and see if he can use it in the next Stake Conference?

Anonymous said...

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