Monday, June 29, 2009

Delayed Vacation Pictures and Updates

So, it's a no go on the dance recital video. Why? Because I'm too lazy to get it from Rachel's camera.

Here is our super fun vacation to Carolina Beach, NC.

It was pretty chilly when we got there so we went to the aquarium to check out the fishies.

Steve and Allison practiced their "best" pirate faces.

Then Steve got eaten by a crocodile.

We went to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina just so we could say we've been to South Carolina.

We had fun at Carolina Beach with the kids. Lindsay loved splashing in the water as long as it didn't cover her knees.

Our nephew Harry had fun in the sand.

Some of us tried boogie boarding. Even Allison tried it once and managed to ride a wave all the way in. Woohoo! Good times.

We saw a really big ship.

Then we knew it was time to come home.

Updates on the family:

Steve: Applying for trauma ortho fellowships. Will start interviewing in the fall. Recently won an award for resident teaching. (Atta boy, Steve.) Enjoying mowing the lawn.

Jamie: Nesting and creating new projects that she probably won't finish. Has 5 weeks of pregnancy or less. Woohoo! Feels like a beached whale most of the time.

Allison: Starting to sound out words. Loves creating "cards" and interesting art projects for her friends. Really wants to play soccer this fall and is excited for school. Loves to help me water the plants and wants to run through the sprinkler every day.

Lindsay: Potty training. Moved to a big girl bed. NEVER stops talking. Still a midget. Wants to do everything big sister wants to do. Is so much fun when she's in a good mood.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Dancing Queen

Here's a little something for my mom on her birthday:

We went on a tour of a bagel bakery a few weeks ago. We LOVED eating bagels and pitas fresh from the bakery. Here are my girls sporting the trendy hats.

Next came Allison's dance recital. Here are a few shots before the recital--note the super slick hair.

The recital was pretty hilarious. I was watching the poorly shot video the other day with Allison, and she asked me why everyone was laughing. I told her she was just so cute we just had to giggle.

Our video turned out horrible. Rachel and Jesse took some video too. I'll try to add it later this week.

Steve was so proud of his little girl. It's a good thing he had fun. I imagine it will get a little old after 3 girls.

Coming soon:

Rock stars at the beach.