Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Recap

I've had a case of computer-itis lately. Every time I sit down at the computer for more than 15 minutes at a time, I start getting a pounding headache and I feel the need to hurl. I know it is related to the parasite growing in my belly, but it limits me to blog-checking, email, and an occasional episode of Chuck online.

So I'll be snappy.

Here is Christmas:

Good times. Here we try to invite the spiritual into our Christmas holiday by dressing up in my fabric scraps, a few tablecloths, and Steve's ties:

I'm not sure what this is a picture of, but any chance I have to publicly humiliate my husband . . .

(I'm just kidding, honey. You know I love you!)

This is how we plan to fatten up Lindsay:

I know, we are great parents. And to prove it, here is how we teach our kids to pray:

Lindsay hasn't quite figured out the "on your knees" part.

Allison has become quite the little pack rat. Here is her "den" that I found behind the couch. In case you can't quite tell, there is an old apple, a pen, some twisty ties, paper, clean diapers, a comb, a package of old nasty lunch meat, a bowl of dry cereal, the container of honey, and some dress up clothes. Surprise!!!

And here is how we feel about winter: