Monday, January 28, 2008

Our little stinkers

I just wanted to say how much I love these little stinkers.

They sure get into a lot of mischief, but I can't help but love them.

I'll have more pictures to add once I figure out why my computer hates our pictures.


John and Kori Gammon said...

I've been feeling the same way about Spencer lately. He sure is a stinker but has a lot of personality and we love him to pieces.

The Smith Six said...

Thanks for posting on my blog. It's fun to see your little girls who are close in age to my little girls. I had to laugh at Allison standing in the laundry basket with a towel on her head and the picture with tights on her head. My Ella finds any odd thing she can to dress up in. I'm sure the two of them would get along. I'm glad you found my blog and hopefully we can keep in touch!

Love Cousin Natalie

Louann and Bari said...

I still call Sammy 'stinky' sometimes, (oh wait- maybe that's his socks)............

Patty said...

You really do capture the best candid shots!! Your little stinkers are so adorable!!

chelle said...

What beautiful girls...I know who they take after ;-)
Great pics! Thanks for sharing.
And actually, I think they have the best things from both you and Steve. :D