Wednesday, January 16, 2008

How random can you get?

Here's a quick update on the last month in pictures:

We had a great Christmas. Here you see Mary, Joseph, Baby Jesus, and the cow. I played the part of angel/shepherd/wise man/donkey. You see now why I didn't take a picture with me in it. My costume would have been very confusing.

The kids LOVED their Christmas presents. This is Allison saying, "Thank you Grandma!!!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE my new clothes."

Santa Claus lined up all of the Allison's stuffed animals so that they could watch the kids open their presents. Lindsay sort of blends right in, doesn't she?

Allison was badly in need of a makeover before Christmas. This is before:

This is the after.

Lindsay enjoyed hanging out with her dad for Christmas.

Here is my brain spewing some thoughts that I've been thinking on lately:

I smell like maple syrup. I've been taking a supplement lately that makes me smell like maple. So if you have a sudden craving for pancakes when you are around me, you'll know why.

Recently Allison has been fascinated by baptism. We've had many a baptism of her toys in the tub, but I had to put my foot down when she wanted to baptize Lindsay.

Steve and I had a really fun date a little while ago. We would like to have an international night about once a month. This month was Cuban night. We dropped the kids off at a friends house and made dinner together. We had this yummy Cuban black bean soup and picadillo empanadas. We had SO much fun.

Allison told me the other night that she wanted to go to Kentucky. How did she learn about Kentucky, you ask? Beats me. But I think that she may have somehow picked up the strange idea that the My Little Ponies live in Kentucky. Anyway, if someone knows a good horse farm we can visit in Kentucky, we're ready for a field trip.

Okay, that's enough randomness for today.


Speers Family said...

Love the pictures! Especially the makeover!

Patty said...

I love your photos! You always catch such great moments!!
Hmmm... a supplement that makes you smell like maple syrup- that sounds a lot better than a garlic supplement!! (That's not a diet supplement, is it? That would make me hungry more often!!)
If you want to let Alison visit a great horse barn (and you don't mind a drive) take her down to the Kentucky Horse Park. Check their schedule of shows and you might be able to see some horses in action too.
Sounds like you've been busy in a good way lately!

chelle said...

How all have the best times!! What a hoot! I love the pics.
THanks for sharing. :D

Mama D said...

I love pancakes! And I loved your pictures! What a great way to recap the past month.

Papa D said...

Allison's "before" picture is priceless.

Dory said...

International night sounds fun! Speaking of which, on my way to Sharon Woods the other day I passed an Indian Grocer on Lebanon Rd. I thought "Naan, hear I come!"

AJ said...

I wish I could do the international night thing. Schuyler is so boring when it comes to food, but he sure makes up for it in personality! Your girls are just soo cute and wow, does Allison really knows how to clean up! Too cute!

Rebecca and Brandon said...

I actually think that Allison's before picture reminds me of one of my school pictures!

Pampered Princess said...

I LOVE pancakes!!! I think Shane would love it if I wore a Maple Syrup perfume!

Like Patty, I vote for the Kentucky Horse Park. It's a long drive, but its really a nice place.

Your pictures are priceless. When I looked in the mirror, I saw a "before" picture of myself. I could use a makeover too!