Monday, November 5, 2007


I really meant it when I wrote that I can't participate in NaBloPoMo. I just need to focus my life right now. I do, however, need to share something tonight. Just for me. (Don't expect anything tomorrow.) I read Patty's thankful list tonight and I really need to write one for myself.

Tonight I am thankful for . . .

1. A great visiting teacher who is willing to help at a moment's notice.

2. The temple

3. Repentance--we can ALWAYS fix things with a little help from

4. The Savior

5. Prayer

6. Scriptures

7. My family

8. Brownies (Thanks again to my visiting teacher)

9. Ibuprofen and Tylenol

10. My soft warm bed



Leslie said...

You are wonderful! I'm thankful for all of those things too, especially the brownies!! :)

Patty said...

Another great reminder of things to be thankful for!!
Sounds like you're having a bit of a rough time... just remember that we all love you!!

chelle said...

Great list! You are an amazing woman. Know we are all here for you if your VT ever can't pitch in!

Anonymous said...

I am thankful for YOU!!! Love you, dear. Mom

heather said...

Those things definitely make my thankful list as well. Remember I am really close so if you ever need anything I would love to help. I can make brownies but I also could do whatever else too.