Monday, November 19, 2007

Don't tell the Department of Labor

I've been looking over my recent posts and I realized that I have strayed from my original intention for this blog. I originally started this to keep in touch with family and to share a few pictures. I seem to be spending more time venting than sharing pieces of our normally happy lives. So tonight I say, here's to less thinking and more pictures.

Wow, I'm tired. That sentence sounded better in my head.

We've been thinking about hiring a maid. We're not sure child labor laws will allow this:

For a two-year old, she does a pretty good job. If the maid thing doesn't work out, I'm thinking about teaching her to cook. Surely she can at least cook something better than this gourmet meal:

Steve has put her to work in the yard raking leaves and weeding. He says that he his going to cut her pay in half for this little incident:

On the other hand, he did get her back.

Lindsay is just nervous for her turn to come. As soon as she can hold a dishrag, we'll put her to work.


ANTSYLLI said...

Child Labor Laws?! The secret is safe with me. Glad to see your return to more pictures. You can still think and rant when necessary. We love you anyway. Thanks for the great pictures. The girls are growing up so fast.

Patty said...

I love checking out your blog! It's always a pleasure, no matter what you put on it!!

chelle said...

Psssh I wouldn't worry about child labor laws. My poor kids are worked to death. AS you can tell by the zombie look in their eye and walk they have.
I say the younger you start em the better! Keep up the good work Jamie! :D
Oh and that yellow plate loks like an Ikea plate..maybe it's not. But, sure makes me want the one here to open sooner! :D

Speers Family said...

I'm afraid my kids are not going to be happy when they realize how your post inspired me to up their work load!

Mama D said...

I enjoy reading whatever you post!

These are great pics. I really like the ones of Steve and Allison buried in the leaves! And I'm impressed with how you are teaching your kids to work. :]

heather said...

I love your posts! Please don't tell my kids there are such things as child labor laws. They would report me--but when investigated they would probably find even though the lots of work is assigned it is rarely all done--so I guess I'm safe either way.

Leslie said...

I think, in my case, child labor laws would work in my favor! If they came to investigate, and found out how little Ben does -- ESPECIALLY considering the proportion of messes that he creates, I believe HE would be the one in trouble!!!

Who do I call???!

I love you posts! Every one! And I love you! You are truly an amazing woman. You are a great mother and a great person.

Papa D said...

Child Labor Laws?! If I couldn't have my kids clean up (which doesn't happen as often as Mama would like, btw), then I couldn't assign their friends chores when they come to the house.

BTW, Patty, tell Aimee we appreciate the help she gave Jessica today upstairs. *grin* That's what makes it worth having friends in our house.

Speers Family said...

Totally unrelated - I'm glad your turkey turned out great! We love the recipe - the leftovers are great!

Rachel said...

HAHAHA!! Jamie I love those pictures! You are so creative with how you arrange them and comment on them. Have you ever thought of writing books? Well, thanks again for another AMAZING thanksgiving!!! You are an awesome cook, decorator, and sister!