Saturday, November 24, 2007

Silence of the Turkey

There's a body in our fridge.
Hacked and hewn,
Flesh ripped from the bone,
A hollow shell of its former self.

In the dark of night
We carefully pick its bones,
Place the carcass in a large garbage bag,
And sneak out to the trash.

We heave and puff,
Pushing it over the edge of the can.
It lands with a resounding thud.

We put the lid on
And stealthily tread back into the house.


It's finally gone.

That was one good bird.


Leslie said...

That was creepily poetic! And it WAS one good bird! You are so funny!

Mama D said...

What a great poet! Glad you enjoyed your Thanksgiving -- and the stealthy trips to the fridge...

Patty said...

Ahh... Jamie has a poetic side! How can we put that to use??!! Maybe an Enrichment activity on writing great poetry?? Ok, I won't even try to volunteer you for that one. But your poem really is good!!

Rachel said...

Wow, Jamie...that was a little freaky...if I didn't know better, I might have thought you were an axe murderer or a cannibal!

Papa D said...

My vote is for the axe murderer. *grin*

Seriously, do we have a closet Stephen(ie) King in our midst?

Speers Family said...

Little scary - I'm glad you didn't write that when we were roommates - it would have made me a little nervous!

Pampered Princess said...

ooooooohhhhhh.....I have shivers going up my spine. Not really. I'm just way impressed!!!!