Thursday, February 14, 2008

Her First Exhibition

Allison has recently become quite the little photographer. Every couple days, when I pick up my camera, I find some new example of her creative genius. I thought that it would be nice to share her talent with the rest of the world. Mind you, I had to be very selective about which photos to display. Her portfolio is quite extensive.

Her first few pictures are a series of self-portraits.


(Wow, that mirror is dirty. Excuse me while I go and find some Windex.)


The next few pictures are some views from her view.

This picture is simply entitled "Couch." It should be noted that she took this picture before she decided to pour a bottle of bright orange acrylic paint on the couch. Let's just say that her creative genius was NOT fully appreciated that night.


The final picture in her collection is the view of the one of her favorite toys.


I post these especially because our little Ansel Adams has taken a recent interest in the internet. The other day I found Allie playing with the computer. When I asked her what she was doing, she simply looked at me and said "Mommy, I bwogging."


The last picture that I post, I post for Valentine's Day. I think that this picture pretty much sums up my mushy, soggy feelings about this lovey-dovey day. I put Lindsay to bed tonight and she cried and cried and cried. Finally, I got her up and held her for a few minutes. I noticed a strange fruity odor coming from her diaper area, so I decided to change her diaper. This is what I found:

Yep, nothing says Happy Valentine's Day like a couple of candy hearts stuck to your bum.


Shayleen Lunt said...

Maybe Allison needs a blog of her very own!!! Too cute, thanks for sharing!

John and Kori said...

I love Allison's pictures. Somehow I'm very scared that my little Gammon will be just like Allison, in to EVERYTHING!! I don't want Spencer to grow up at all. I love the diaper with candy hearts, its so hard when they can't tell you what's wrong.

Kris said...

Allison's work is pure genius! She's just like her MOM! However, your art was displayed on the dining room wall in black permanent marker instead of orange paint. I remember being overwhelmed and talking to the doctor about you being SOOOO active and into everything. He told me to be grateful because it was a sign of a very bright and inquisitive child. He was right...and we are grateful!

Mama D said...

Laura hit me with the same type of comment about the computer, except it was email instead of blogging. Ryan says she knew (completely on her own) how to turn on the computer and get to and *before* she had fully figured out potty training!

Sarah and Laura are our family photographers. On our camera, I find pics of Sarah + friends -- or of furniture, Scooby Doo etc from the TV all the time!

Allison is doing quite well for her age; the couch and Cinderella are fairly centered. You really do have a budding Ansel Adams!

chelle said...

HOW CUTE! Must be nice too look so beautiful with such close up pics!
Poor Lindsey!! Hope she didn't have any lasting "be mine" imprints on here rear!! lol
THanks for sharing.
Sorry to hear about your couch! UGH! I loved sitting in your comfy couch for the baby shower :D. I hope it's not ruined =\

Rebecca and Brandon said...

Wow! Allison really knows how to frame a picture well! And poor Lindsey with the candy hearts! We find all sorts of stuff in my boy's diapers...leaves, small pine cones, stickers. We don't even have any pine cones around our home, so we're still wondering about that one.

The Smith Six said...

I love the candy hearts in the diaper. I too have found interesting things in diapers.

I remember once when Grandpa Bill brought some of Jeff's toddler "camera work" over for my Mom to see. He had gotten a hold of Grandpa's camera, climbed under their kitchen table, and used up an entire roll of film taking pictures of his feet. That is what your little episode reminded me of.

Patty said...

I would have never thought of taking a picture of the valentine's diaper- love it!!
Looks like you've got some serious competition with Allison- she's pretty good at getting those candid shots too!

Speers Family said...

You are brave - I wouldn't let John near our camera until he was 6. She's quite the little artist!

Leslie said...

Loove it! So sorry to hear about the paint. Is the couch ruined? If not, how on earth did you fix that?

I love your little ones, and I love you!

Pampered Princess said...


We have a little photographer in our house that takes very similiar pictures. Funny thing is she is 13 years old!

carrie said...

the diaper pic is hilarious! she may have some natural talent there! helpful hint: if you can't do anything about the paint, you may just want to turn the cushion over if you can.

thank goodness you don't have to pay to develop all those pics like you would have back in my day...uh, nvm.

allison is a hoot and such a cutie. i got to play with her in the nursery last sunday. she was so pretty in her green dress!

Rachel said...

Allison is a little stinker! But she's so cute too. Hey Jamie--thanks for commenting on my blog. I just updated it only 2 days ago too! Jesse and I wonder if anyone really looks at our blog very much because we hardly ever get comments. Hope you guys had a fun trip to Indy!

Andrew Jensen said...

"Couch" is my favorite. You have the gift, Allison!