Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Recent discoveries

First of all, thank you for all the feedback about the dress. I'm pretty paranoid about this work thingy. I don't enjoy going to parties where I don't know anyone, and I'm especially nervous about going to a party with a bunch of snooty doctors and their wives where I don't know anyone. I'm also not much for getting "fancied" up--it stresses me out. I am going to try and not worry about it though and have a fun date with my husband.

For those of you who asked,I found the dress at Macy's. They had several modest dresses and they were having a holiday dress sale where most of the dresses were 50% off. I got a pretty sweet deal.

Anyway. Around here we've been making some interesting discoveries. I thought I would share a few with you.

I recently discovered that I am a "high-maintenance" person. Who knew? Steve informed me that I've only been really high maintenance for a little over a year-- about the same time he started residency. At least I have something to blame my emotional neediness on. Hmmm. . .maybe.

Steve discovered that going to the dentist is expensive and painful. He went to get two cavities filled and ended up with a root canal. And a bill for 1200 dollars. Ouch.

We both re-discovered why we pay tithing. Within minutes of discussing his distressing procedure and bill with me, Steve opened up some mail to find (cue Hallelujah chorus) a check for almost the same amount of money. Hooray! The funny thing is that the same thing happened last month when we had to fix the car. I think Heavenly Father must know that we needed a little boost in the faith department or something.

Allison recently discovered that while prunes may taste good, they should not be eaten like candy. Poor girl. Poor mommy.

Lindsay makes new discoveries every day. While I type this she is sitting on my lap discovering the keyboard. She thinks it is quite fun.

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She really likes the space button. See you later!


Pampered Princess said...

I think you will look DYNAMITE in that dress! I completely understand your nervousness. Just remember, if the doctors and wives really are snooty, they will be so busy thinking about themselves that they won't have time to judge you! By the way, Mikayla says she is happy to babysit for you! Just call with a time. :)

AJ said...

Amen to tithing. Schuyler and I call it our marriage insurance and it truly has helped us get through the tough times.

Prunes, nature's laxative. My mom still reminds me of the time I found her laxatives that look and taste like chocolate. Well, you know me, I love to eat and especially chocolate, and well, needless to say, my mom had a huge mess to clean up.

Rachel said...

Jamie, you can blame me for Allison's interest in prunes. Remember how I suckered her into eating some and I kept saying "mmmm...prunes are yummy, aren't they, Allie!?"
...sorry. ;)

Brandon, Rebecca, and Nicholas said...

Hey Jamie! I got your blog info from Sarah. Your girls are so cute! I kind of like this whole blog helps me keep in touch with friends better. I have Lynn's blog address on my blog if you want to check it out.

Patty said...

What an adorable picture!! Are you sure that's the same two that have been keeping you up lately?!
Yea for unexpected checks to cover equally unexpected bills! Heavenly Father really does take care of us in the most amazing ways!!
YEA for getting Lindsay in on the blogging already! Starting her young... what an ingenious plan!

Mama D said...

That picture is worth framing! It is absolutely adorable!

Pampered princess is very wise! I like her perspective that the snooty ones will be too busy thinking about themselves to judge you...

I love cool new discoveries!

Louann and Bari said...

I love the pic of the girls- keep it close, someday they will be teenagers.- And there will be other reasons to keep you up at night.

Speers Family said...

Emotional neediness gets worse with residency? Great...

Poulsen Family said...

K, I'm bummed because I didn't get to see the dress, the picture isn't working for me. Make sure to post some of you in the dress, I'm sure you'll be stunning.

Jacob also thinks I'm high maintenance. I wish they could see what other girls require so they'd count their blessings, but then again, according to Jake, if you take longer than three minutes to get ready you are high maintenance. I call living with ONE pair of pants that fits and getting your hair done less than once a year low maintenance! Soft spot for me, but I guess if you are talking about wanting to spend time with your husband when you never see him high maintenance, then yes, count me in the high maintenance bracket too.

ANTSYLLI said...

HIGH MAINTENANCE! Not you...I agree that it is the stress from the residency, probably with a little dose of "mother of two children under 5" thrown in for good measure. Lou is right...someday they will be teenagers and the stress will be different.
Pampered Princess is very wise about the snooty dr.'s wives. Just be yourself and everything will be fine. As for the tithing blessings...we are right there with you. We have been blessed so many times by being faithful.