Wednesday, January 12, 2011


We are still alive!

Unfortunately, due to some computer issues (and a lot of laziness) we have not blogged in, um, 6 months. So what has happened in the last 6 months?

Can I sum it up in a hundred words or less?

Last summer was hot.

Allie had swimming lessons.

We went to Utah.

Allison started school.

Allison loves school.

Allison played soccer.

Lindsay started "mommy school".

Allison and Lindsay started dance.

Lindsay has learned to communicate without having a tantrum. (mostly)

Lindsay decided to become an artist when she grows up.

Sarah learned to walk.

Sarah learned to run.

Sarah learned how to climb.

Sarah learned how to climb on the kitchen table.

Sarah learned how to climb on the back of the couch and jump off.

It's a miracle Sarah is alive--though she does have several cuts and bruises.

Halloween was fun.

Thanksgiving was fun even though everyone threw up sometime over the holiday weekend.

Our trip to St. Louis and St. Paul/Minneapolis was fun.

Christmas with Jamie's family was fun.

New Year's with Steve's brother and his family was fun.

Steve is alive and happy.
Jamie is alive and cranky.

All is normal.
Our computer issues have been resolved, so I'm hoping to start posting more frequently.


Patty said...

You make me laugh! And your girls always make me smile! I love how well you summed up 6 months.

Mama D said...

Great summation! I'm glad you're still alive and able to blog more often now. I've missed hearing about your adventures.

Let us know next time you head to St. Louis. We are about 2 - 2.5 hours north...

Rachel said...

Hey Welcome back! :) When I read the title, I got a little excited for you there....;) Anyway, you changed your house since we left! We miss you guys. Call sometime soon to catch up more!

Stephani said...

Great pics!

John and Kori said...

Good to hear from you guys again. The girls are getting a lot bigger. Nice goatee, Steve.

Kori said...

Tanner and Sarah care related because it's amazing he's still alive too. He is into EVERYTHING and has NO FEAR!!

Gene and Karla said...

Out of the woodwork and into the limelight! Where's "Waldo", whoops, I mean Jamie?

chelle said...

Awesome job of summing things up! I'm not sure I could remember what I did last week, let alone 6 months ago!
So good to hear form you again!