Sunday, July 11, 2010

For Grandma

This blogging thing ain't goin' so good. I had every intention of writing a post a few weeks ago, but I didn't have camera to download pictures from. When I finally got the camera from Steve, trying to get the software to work and even just hooking up the camera to the computer was painful. At one point, I had to contort myself into a position that I almost had flashbacks of leaving the womb.

Anyway, the point is this. I put a lot of effort into getting the computer ready to receive my witty insights into our exciting lives. And I don't have much energy left to provide said witty insights. So no complaints from the peanut gallery.

The happenin's 'round here:


Allison's dance recital was just so much fun. She danced a ballet routine and a tap routine. She was amazing and adorable. . . just like always. She is the last one on the left in the above picture.

We remodeled the kitchen and dining room. This is the only picture that even remotely relates to that remodel--note the green painter's tape in the background. I do have before pictures, just on a different camera. And if you think I'm going to go through the process of downloading those pictures. . .

We had a bout of the upchucks. Notice that they are using towels as blankets. We went through that much laundry.

We went to a graduation for our brother-in-law. I'm not even sure if this is his picture. I think it is, but Steve was taking some pictures of random graduates.

Allison graduated from pre-school. What an accomplishment!

Teacher Mrs. Strominger and Big Al

Steve's brother John visited with his family. We had a blast and the kids played so well together. (Once again, I have more pictures. They are just on the other camera.) This is Sarah (right) and her two cousins, Tanner and Brian.


June was full of good times. We've spent a lot of time reading together, playing the backyard sprinklers, and having "mommy school". In fact, we've done these things so much that they are starting to lose their appeal, especially for me.

Lindsay had her 3rd birthday. She was so impressed by Allison's Pinkalicious party that she wanted to have a Purplicious party. So we had a purple pajama party with our family. Fun, fun, fun!
Please notice my AWESOME skills at cake decorating. It looked like someone threw up on the cake.

Steve decided to leave me alone with three sick kids while he went and lived in the lap of luxury. Yes, that is the seaside RESORT he stayed at.

Super Lindsay saves the day!

Note: I am not very adept at using Steve's camera.

We had a great visit with Grandma and Grandpa Gammon. They helped us around the house. We went to a parade and the zoo. Good times!

Pink cowboy boots really do go with anything. Right?

Sarah finally cut her first tooth:

And last but not least, this is what happens when you walk in the other room while your kids are using scissors for a "craft."

You see this is how it will go down. The oldest will say to the youngest, "See what I can do?" And she will cut off a small chunk of hair in the back. Then the younger child will proceed to style her own hair into the awesomest mullet ever seen.

This actually looks better than it did after she first did it. I cut part of the mullet off in the back.
I was going to get the girls hair cut in the next week or two anyway. Now it will just be a little shorter than planned.

And that's that.


Mama D said...

What an awesome update!! Life has been treating you well, though it's been busy.

We went through a stage where I literally was a millisecond away from outlawing EVERY pair of scissors in our household. We have a munchkin who just couldn't seem to learn what NOT to cut... It was that or shaving the hair off her head. She's lucky I gave her another chance...

I am lucky she finally quit trying to cut her own hair!

Leslie said...

Yay!! Thank you, Grandma, for putting on the pressure! It was great to get the update, and the pictures are fun!
I'm so sorry for the up-chucks! And I really hope that Steve made it up to you, because that is so majorly unfair!
When Brianna majorly chopped her own hair, I made her apologize to the hairstylist. It made an impression. Now she'll say, "Only Miss Annie cuts my hair, right?"

Rachel said...

That was a good update! I can't believe you crammed 3 months into it. I love that picture of Brian sitting with Sarah in the seat. I miss my nieces! But only 2 more days...:)

Kris said...

Grandma says YIPPEE and sends A HUMONGOUS THANK YOU!

Kori said...

Why is it when husbands go out of town the kids get sick? We had a blast in May, thanks for having us. Spencer still talks about Allison an Lindsay.

John and Kori said...

Jamie, you've got some of the best one liners in this post. I laughed super hard at the picture of Steve in the kitchen--looks like he hadn't slept in two weeks.

Natalie said...

I'm shocked that none of my kids have ever cut their own hair. Knock on wood...