Friday, April 30, 2010

April (and a little March)

Okay, the review of the month.

Steve: Matched in trauma orthopaedics fellowship in Minneapolis/St. Paul. Has been busy, busy, busy.

Jamie: Stressing over remodeling our kitchen

Allison: Excited about her dance recital next week.

Lindsay: Loud. (but still cute)

Sarah: Crawling and pulling herself up on the furniture.

Pictures from New Orleans trip:

Beach near Biloxi, Mississippi.

Lots of alligators on the swamp tour.

Taking in some of the local architecture:

Steve puts aside his fear of turtles and holds this monster. (He's really crying inside.)

Sarah really loves alligators. Really.

Back at the ranch, Allison "helps" Lindsay learn how to ride the tricycle.


Mama D said...

Wonderful pictures! I am in awe of your ability to sum up your family's activities so succinctly. That is not one of my talents...

How long will your family be in MN? I know how much Cincy will miss you!!

Gene and Karla said...

Thanks for the posting...and update. Charming pictures, but we missed seeing the poster!

Kris said...

YIPEEEEE...another post from the Gammon fam! Love the pic's and updates!

Rachel said...

That picture of the alligator trying to eat Sarah freaked me out! What building was that with the cool architecture? So, did Linds learn how to ride that trike yet?

Patty said...

Your girls are so adorable! Now we just need a few pics of you, too!!
(Is Steve really afraid of turtles?!)

John and Kori said...

Very cute girls. We're excited to come see you guys in a few weeks.

Tricia said...

So, who were those long haired girls? I don't recognize them! They are growing up TOO FAST and Aunt Tricia hasn't seen them in WAY TOO LONG! I'm thinking I will need to get my ticket to visit like NOW!

Natalie said...

Very cute girls! I love Lindsay on her tricycle. Can Allison come teach Ava how to ride hers? Ella has no patience for her little sister.