Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yep. We're still here.

I know, I know. It has been over a month since I posted last. So here is an update:

Steve's busy saving the world--one broken arm at a time. So much for thinking that his third year would be easier. He's been doing trauma the last two months and it has been rough. He's feeling a little beaten down:

And anytime Steve's feeling overwhelmed, that means I'M feeling the same.

Luckily we took a great trip out to see the fam.

We played:

We hiked (at least one of us did):

We made some new friends:

We looked at ginormous houses:

We got really dirty:

We had a great time:

And now we're back.



Louann and Bari said...

Missed YOU!! hope your feeling rested and ready to go!!!HA!!!

Caleb and Shae said...

Looks like you are having a busy, crazy, fun life! It's good to hear from you guys!

Poulsen Family said...

I was just going to email you to see how things were going. It's been a busy summer! Maybe fourth year will be better?

Cassie said...

So many pictures that deserve some great comments.
The sleeping husband-classic
The huge freaking house- really how many people live in that thing? and who cleans it?
The awesome garden in the background of one of the pics
The awesome view from the other, that is truly amazing.
The cutest little girls- yes even the one in the glasses;)

Kori said...

While I enjoyed the view and scenery hiking Mt. Timp my body paid for it for about 5 days. Jamie, you should have convinced me NOT to go. Spencer had fun playing with your girls. Someone else in the Gam Fam needs to have some girls, what's up with that?

Mama D said...

Great pictures! Glad you had fun on your trip.

Cassie, I'm thinking anyone who can afford that humongous castle can afford to pay someone else to clean it! It is huge! Wow.

But I noticed something when I looked at it more closely - isn't that the spire and Moroni on top of the Mt Timp Temple behind the huge house?

Tricia said...

I feel honored to have made it into a classic Gammon family blog picture... my life is complete, I can go now, if needs be, in peace :) I will tell P-Diddy he made it too... He'll be excited! I'm glad you came and glad you and the girls will be back soon! Sorry Steve, this is a "girls only" vacation - but only cuz you have to go to that conference thing.

Patty said...

Looks like a fun vacation. It's too bad it couldn't last for a few more weeks, huh? I can't really even relate to the crazy schedule you guys must have but I hope it levels off some day soon. Keep hanging in there!! We're all glad you're back!

Rachel said...

Jamie, I agree.
Dang, it's over already. :P
But it ROCKED while it lasted!! :)
Loved your pix.