Thursday, September 27, 2007

Steve quits his job to become a royal smoothie maker

These are the pictures of the kids that I promised. This is what Lindsay looks like when Daddy does her hair. Steve's thinking about quitting his current job to become a stylist. What do you think?

These are my pretty princesses. See how they love each other?

Allison is trying to learn proper ways to express her affection. She still has some work to do.

This is Lindsay's response to being smothered.

I was so jealous of the Blendtec blender that I bought a new blender. Unfortunately, my 30 dollars didn't produce the results that I wanted. When I put golf balls in my blender it just laughed at me. Then it exploded.

My new blender does make a mean smoothie, however. This is us after trying Steve's delicious Orange Julius.


Shayleen Lunt said...

I love Lindsey's expression on her squished face while she is receiving some love from her big sister.
You know, Cincinnati could really use an Orange Julius...great idea!

Speers Family said...

I really think the idea of Steve quitting his job is great. Think of all the extra time you would have with your smoothie guy. Of course - there are those pesky little student loans... :) I try not to think of ours. Maybe I should run the idea of doctor turned smoothie expert by Corey.

chelle said...

What fun pics! Thanks for sharing Jamie. you know.... Orange Julius would be a great chili cook off trunk or treat treat!! We could be his guinea pigs. Family can be a little bias when it comes to thinking he is good enough to quit his job. :D
Hope you've had a good week!

Mama D said...

I agree with Shayleen. Lindsay's expression in getting sister love is priceless! That is such a fun age!!

Jamie, it takes a lot of courage to post a pic with smoothie all over your faces! Looks good, and looks like fun. But don't expect to see a pic like that on mine... at least not on MY face! (Well, you won't see pics on mine for a while anyway; our digital camera is broken. Hopin' for one for Christmas...)

:P, corrie said...

Yum, Orange Julius! I haven't made that in forever. The pics of your little girls all dressed up are so precious!

lou said...

You know- talents come in many different forms and for many different reasons-Smoothie King? I don't know about that- but the Princesses have a real chance of developing their royal talent!

Poulsen Family said...

Cute, cute! Love those princesses!

I SOOOO sympathize with you now that Jake's been on his ortho you ever get to see Steve? I'm just glad Jake only has three more weeks left. You know it's bad when you wonder if 3 in the afternoon is too early to put the kids to bed.

Leslie said...

I looove the first picture with the princesses. I swear Lindsay looks like a perfect little porcelain doll! How cute!

We've explored all of James' different employment options also, but it all came down to those "pesky student loans."

chelle said...

Not really related to this post but not sure where else to put it...great job on your talk Steve..a much needed reminder for our family..we were kinda slacking there for a few weeks!