Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Trying Something New!

Okay, so I've been inspired by a few of my friends (he-hem--Lindsay, Heather, and Leslie) to start a family blog. More than anything I need some to be doing some kind of journal writing, so maybe this will count. My life seems pretty boring right now, but maybe I'll be able to come up with something interesting. Hopefully, it will also help me to stay in touch with my family and friends a little better than I do now.

So life has been pretty good lately. I'm starting to get the hang of having two kids--kind of. At least I can see what color the carpet is from underneath the pile of toys, books, that seem to pile up so quickly. This past week I decided to start potty-training Allison. After two days of frustration and eating too much chocolate (being an emotional eater and having "potty rewards" around is a bad combination) Allison finally started to get the hang of things. We are down to about two accidents a day now. We also have come up with a new potty dance. Every time Allie goes potty Steve or I have to do the potty dance. I'm sure we look quite ridiculous.

I did have an alarming experience on Sunday. I was making lunch and I put a cheese quesadilla on the stove and turned the heat on high. I then ran downstairs to bring Allison up to eat. When I got downstairs, I realized that she had gone potty and I had to empty out her little chair. So I went to the bathroom and when I came back to the downstairs living room I realized that Allison had locked the door behind us. She had locked us into the basement! I got upset when I remembered that Lindsay was upstairs in her swing. I was trying to pick the lock and even trying to break it when I realized that I had left the stove on. Luckily we do have an outside entrance to the basement. Panicking, I ran outside with Allison and to a neighbors house. I knew that all the windows and doors were locked to the upstairs of the house. I was terrified that the pan would catch fire while we were trying to get back in so I called 911. Luckily my neighbor was able to break the lock off the door after we got back to the house. By the time I got into the upstairs of our house, the kitchen was pretty smokey. Lindsay was just as happy as can be in her swing, however. I am so thankful that our neighbor was able to break the lock on our door because the police didn't show up for another 10 minutes! I've been thinking a lot about how precious my family is to me and how grateful I am to have such beautiful children. If something would have happened to Lindsay, I would have been devastated. I'm so glad that we have a guardian angel in the form of a good neighbor. Now if I can just think of some way to say thank you. How do you thank someone for possibly saving your child's life? He told me he wouldn't say no to a six-pack of beer, but I think I might just have to come up with something else.

Anyway, I have been rambling on way to much. Good night for now!


Leslie said...

Yeah! Welcome to the blogging community. I am excited to read each post!

Rachel said...

Such CUTE girls Jamie! Thanks for the invite to your blog. Derin has started one for us but I have yet to do anything on it :) Keep in touch!

Rachel Cobia